Web Development

Today’s technology added to the competitiveness of industry brings to Internet a new option for the promotion of its services or products. Because of this, it is important for a company to have a good presentation in the biggest network of the world. As we noticed this necessity, we’ve prepared and made an effort to bring you critic developments of excellent quality and low price sites.

Contamos con la mejor tecnología de software. Podemos crear su sitio con tecnología simple o avanzada según sus necesidades. Ofrecemos soporte en CGI's, Bases de Datos, Lenguajes en programación para internet: PHP, Perl, Java Script, Lenguaje Java, Animaciones (Flash). Así mismo podemos integrar su empresa en tiendas virtuales con el servicio de comercio electrónico altamente confiable (Seguridad SSL).

Aplication Development

We count with the tools and the qualified personnel to develop the necessary applications , in the established time.

An excellent resource for informatics solutions:

It doesn’t matters what is the size of your company nor the industry where you labor. With this new tool you will be able to define different development criteria to find the solutions your business requires and to accede directly to the applications, tools and services that best satisfy your necessities.

Between the different specific development criteria, among others, you will be able to choose types of solution, areas of the solution, operating systems, segments of market, hardware platforms, languages, technologies, countries, industries, software.

What steps must follow in order to find best solution?

Personalize your solutions specifying the criteria of the same one.
Select all the criteria that you consider necessary to delimitate your development.
Select "Criteria of development" to verify that the criteria you’ve selected are the optimal ones.
Select the button “Initiate the success of my organization" to begin a new stage in your organization.

What company provides the solution?

¿Or your show it in the WEB for others to learn? Of course you are right, the one that is leader and each new day builds up, improves our planet with the solutions that fulfill your necessities.

Interface Development

We have developed NETWORK interfaces of local area, national networks, and international Networks, linking equipment though the WEB, VPN, WAN's, Satellite Signals, in real time connection and BATCH processes.

All this for the CRM's market standards:

Baan/Invensys Customer Relationship Management
Optimize the relation with the clients, in all areas.

Briefcase CRM
Complete administrative tool of the information generated in the cycle of sales in its four levels: Marketing, PreSale, Sale and PostSale. It is easily integrated to the corporative politics of the company.

Briefcase e-Care
Tool destined to improve the necessities of management and administration of all the incidents (requirements, consults, reclamations and complaints) reported to a Call Center, by external clients or internal employees of the company.

CRM - Avaya
Solutions CRM that allows total connectivity, assuring trustworthiness, integration, flow through all the channels and management of the process. It includes e-Contact ( Contact Center), CRM Contact Center (tool of analysis and information), System of Reports - Business Intelligence (generates analysis and information) and System of interactive voice answer (voice response for call centers), Integration CTI, CentreVu Internet Solutions, Systems of predictive dialing and recording.

Customer Service
Tool destined to administer the orders, consultations and suggestions of the clients, with the purpose of improving the quality of attention, guaranteeing the solution and improving the response times.

Intelliroute Sales Force Automation
Solution of Mobiles Sales Force designed specially for product distribution, organized in routes. Ideal for manufacturers of drinks and products of massive consumption.

Intelliroute Mobile Pharma
Solution of Medical Propaganda Agents

mySAP Business Intelligence
Provides a system able understand the measurements of performance keys.

mySAP Customer Relationship Management
Facilitates the interaction with clients, including the commitment of clients, businesses transactions of shipment orders and other client services.

Comercial Virtual Office
Automatic Software in Service of the Client, used in the revision of invoicing, payment of invoices, request and cancellation of services and generation and pursuit of reclamations. It reduces costs in the attention to the client, offering an ample range of services with possibility of payment in offices or online debit/credit cards.

PeopleSoft Customer Relationship Management
It is a complete solution of CRM designed and developed for the company. Your clients, associates of businesses and employees obtain universal access to the information of the company and can collaborate in real time. It integrates with applications through your company to conduct profitable interactions with clients. The built-in analysis allows you to capture and to act in advantageous opportunities.

Siebel 7, MidMarket Edition
Offers multi-channel integrated of sales, marketing and capacities on service to the client, designed for the necessities of medium companies.

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