MB & Associates' Loyalty Program

We count with different Loyalty Programs, here we’ll explain them. Each invoiced dollar, points do not expire, and they will be only exchanged by our clients.

Our clients participate, each invoiced dollar is equivalent to one MB point.

Our associates and suppliers participate for each 10 invoiced dollars, without taxes and shipping equals an MB point.

It will be exchanged by our System ERP MBntas into MB Puntos.

10,000 MB Points: All the accounts with 10,000 MB points will be able to trade the shipping costs to 0 pesos. In other words, in the period of one month, there will be no charge for delivery expenses for every 10,000 MB exchanged points. It doesn’t matters amount of equipment we should send to you.

15,000 MB Points: All the accounts with 15,000 MB point may exchange them for: An Xbox, or a Play Station, or a DVD with Home Theater for each 15,000 MB exchanged points.

25,000 MB Points: All the accounts with 25,000 MB points may change their points for a semester-family- ticket (six months for a family) in the Club Britania de Torreón, which consists of a Racket Club, Professional Style Football courts, Basket ball courts, Pool, Racket and Squash Courts, as well as recreation areas.

50,000 MB Points: All the accounts with 50,000 MB points will be able to exchange them for a week in our ejective Suite in Cuernavaca Morelos. The suite consists of: two rooms with king-size beds, kitchen, living-dining room, 24-hours security, two pools, well proportioned recreation areas, and many more. We’ll also prove the gasoline and collection houses expenses from the origin place of the responsible of the MB & Associates account.

100,000 MB Points: All those accounts with 100,000 MB may exchange the points for airplane tickets of any national destiny (promotion includes two tickets for national flights).

200,000 MB Points: All those accounts with 200,000 MB may exchange the points for airplane tickets of international destiny (promotion includes two tickets for international flights).

500,000 MB Puntos: All the accounts with more than 500,000 MB may accompany us to the World Cup Germany 2006. The exchange includes: two airplane tickets to Germany departing from any part of the world, local translations, two entrances to the final game, and one week lodging in Germany.

Ask for further promotions!!!!!

Conditions of certificates:

The certificates will be emitted by MB Systems de Mexico and given directly to the winner.

The only certificates allowed are for Cuernavaca Morelos. The winner may change them when the administration of the condominium permits it.

The certificate applies just in the city, inside the Republica Mexicana.

It may be used even a year after obtaining the certificate.

The certificated must be requested with two weeks of anticipation (reservations based on availability)

It is no permitted to attend competition subjects, note even in partial mode.

MB Systems de Mexico is just flattering one week certificates, not certificados de una semana. No se transporte terrestre ni aéreo, ni ningún otro gasto.

Certificates are not transferable for money, products, credits, promotion contributions once they are requested.

Certificates can no be sold, trespassed, nor used by third persons.

The cancellation of given certificates in not allowed.


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