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Who are we?

MB Systems de México is an enterprise created with the support of one of the leader corporations in the service market in Latin America: MB & Associates.

Founded at 1998, MB Systems de México is a Mexican private held company focus on provide services and solutions to our customers, through the development of integrate solutions that promotes reliable business, over any given platform.

We meet this with a team of highly specialized professionals over several branches of technologies; their constant training and investigation, helps our customers to achieve higher levels of quality and competitiveness that their business markets demands.

MB Systems de Méxicois a company created with the support of one of the Latin-American leaders at the services market: MB & Associates Inc. With more than decade of experience, we have position our company as leaders in technology solutions and communication services.

MB Systems de México provides services such as solution integration, Maintenance, fix and repair of technology edged equipment, contact center administration, help desk and infrastructure administration (outsourcing). Also, we integrate business solutions and implementations at the communications and telecommunications area, local networks, wide and metropolitan voice networks, as well as data and video networks; we count with the experience and certification over technologies as wireless bridge, Bluetooth, microwave, RIF, HISS, as well as the installation of the infrastructure that supports those.

MB Systems de México offer includes highly trained personal on service centers, which training keeps on them a broad vision of the service with an strong focus on add value on each service provide to the customer, keeping the focus on always maintain and exceed service levels expectations.

Among other services, MB Systems de México provides consulting on manufacturing processes  control for the engineering, human resources, information systems, safety and security, logistic and production areas, by integrating solutions such as: Nóminas (Quick Payroll ®), Control de Producción (Quick Production ®), Embarques (Quick 807),  Control de asistencias en tiempo real (Quick Attendance ®) and our modern Dashboard System for the administration and control of the productivity at service areas. (Control AT ®), to name some solutions.

MB Systems de Méxicomaintains a continued improvement process of services; in the search of the excellence for the total satisfaction of our customers by using quality establish systems and social responsibility programs.

It’s our goal that your know deeper our organization and its services, in the following pages we will introduce what we called our cur curriculum, we are confident your will notice how our experience is aligned with your business needs, providing to us the opportunity to be your next business partner for information technologies solutions.

Our profile , Training and Certifications our people and infrastructure personal.

Our Corporate Video.



It’s our mission to deliver information technology solutions that will help our customer to have reliable and integrate services over any given platforms. We care and strength our service with close business relations with our customers, associates and strategic partners, trough programs and negotiations that enable everyone to add value as a team.

Also, we keep a very special care of the environment and animal species in extinction danger, by aligning our associates to our principles and values, harmonizing together with our quality, order and 5’S goals. 



Give reliable solutions on information technology to the Americas, keeping, and developing, world class leadership and prestige, trough developing business plans that maintain a sustainable growth of our business every year.



Politics and Procedure

We count with politics and procedures properly standardized. MB Systems de México requires clients, suppliers and associated to standardize together in order to facilitate the work inside our organization.


MB Systems de México, as a modern organization, innovative and sensible to our business environment, has developed a social responsibility program that arises as result of our commitment to our personnel, customers and society. We exercise a professional, mature and responsible practice, committed to the economic, professional, social and natural environments.

Everything is being shown in a series of initiatives that maintains clear results on our organization, results that replicates in the business world.
Internal Actions

• Code of conduct and corporate ethics

• New technologies investment

• Quality Policy and Environmental Policy compliant with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 norms.

External Actions

• Quality and Environmental Policy

• Social action programs

• 20% of our revenue donated to five Children Care institutions in Torreon, Coahuila.

• Animal preservation plan, collaborating with food, medicines and personnel to take care of more than 120 species in extinction danger.


At MB Systems de México it is our commitment to being recognized as a world class supplier in information technology services through the compliant of our quality system requirements, continuous improvement program and permanent focus on customer satisfaction.
Quality Goals
100% on time and budget delivery.
Rework is not an option.
Obtain the recognition from our customer as “Value Added Supplier”.



MB Systems de México, a company dedicated to the distribution and development of products and services related with the information technologies market, is committed to manage its operation into the law and responsible to protect the natural environment.

This commitment covers all our employees, la community where we perform operations and to which our operation could cause an environmental impact.

MB Systems de México is committed to the continued improvement of its environmental performance, being our main commitments and environmental goals:

Comply with environmental laws and regulations, and any other applicable law.

Prevent or minimize the pollution or air, soil and water, as well as minimize, recycle or dispose our any danger residual that could be generated by our operation by using safe and responsible methods.

Maintain constant investigation and search of better ways to improve of usage on energy and other natural resources.

Ensure that all our employees are conscious and trained, as needed, on their involving to comply their actions according to this policy.

This policy is available to any part interested on it and public in general.

Our Values
  • Innovation
  • Respect and care of our natural environment
  • Honesty
  • Speed with direction
  • Customer focus
  • Family union
  • Personnel development


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